Being in a VSM -Vacation State of MindTropical Artwork-Valerie Lamb-Steece-Beach inspired art

Everyone knows the feeling of being on vacation, depending on how clogged up you are (mentally) it can sometimes take days to find the being on vacay vibe.

-Being on vacation is inspiring - making the light hit differently or seeing new sights, going to galleries, eating new foods, listing to live music- just all the new-ness.Thats magic sauce for sure!

But what about when theres no vacation in sight? For a very long list of reasons?

I’ve come up with a few ways to get micro dose of VMS everyday.

  • Listen to music and lay on floor -15 minutes * bonus points for theme-ing to your next destination or past favorite trip!

  • Ride your bike anywhere, or nowhere- there is something so VSM about bike rides

  • Wear something fancy, ever notice how when your on a trip you will wear something just a bit more? Louder pattern, more accessories, actually wear eyeliner?

  • Wear a hat- I’ve decided, wearing hats is fun & has a certain VSM for sure

  • Stop for an ice cream or food truck and sit outside to eat it

  • Get in a hammock - I got my first one this year- I am in love

  • Make yourself a fruity drink, use interesting glassware- stare into space

  • Plan a trip-get someone else on board to plan with-even a someday trip

  • Print out a photo of you on vacation- use - prints from your phone!


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