cut paper collage

      In Collage art, cut paper, found objects, magazines, are all used to create something new in an unconventional way. Think Romare Bearden, Henri Mattisse, Eric Carle and of course Georges Braque who pioneered it, around 1910. -Here are a few behind the scenes quick tips, to create collage.

       -   Have a theme or quote to give your art direction- write out a few sentences on how you want your art to feel

  • Use paper you have painted yourself, as I did here. paint the paper in a variety of ways- then wait to dry. Or collect interesting magazine images or found papers from your life.
  • Draw shapes on the back, use a pencil so the lines don't show through and carefully cut out.
  • Use sharp scissors or xacto blades to get a clean line.
  • Arrange and re-arrange to your liking.
  1. Glue down use clear glue or Nori glue, an old credit card to scrape and get flat. Use a gel gloss for a nice finish.


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