My studio is the windowed porch on my home, where the light is exquisite, the views are of tropical plants. I live near the Atlantic ocean as well as a large nature sanctuary (lucky me!) , so we share our property with Owls, Woodpeckers, songbirds of all sorts, turtles and lizards.

I share my studio space with Dottie the standard poodle and Bean the dachshund.

I grew up in the midwest county-side with parents who created a life they loved full of gardens and homemade bread. I had my eyes in the clouds, climbing trees and drawing were my favorite hobbiesMy daily tasks of staying inspired are as follows-

I draw in my sketchbook, paint both outdoors and indoors and read, to be inspired by others.

I meditate and write, to more fully understand and express what my work is about.

I make things every single day because I love it.

Original art has energy, a sort of life blood. When you respond to artwork on any level you are responding to that energy.

My artworks are a combination

of Life, observation plus imagination

Making art on the Daily